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The Mortgage Nerd


Statistics show a person who owns a home has 44x the net worth as a renter.  Our core belief is that we have a responsibility to review the entire financial picture of each and every client – as well as their future goals - to ensure we design a mortgage strategy that offers the highest net worth.


Every client has a different financial strategy and no 2 people can be treated the same.  During the upfront PreApproval process, we analyze credit, monthly debts, assets, tax brackets, and income to deliver a unique certified mortgage plan. This provides clarity and assurance that you can afford the home now and, in the future, while building a higher net worth.


We help people buy and refinance real estate at the lowest cost possible. The first step is to get prequalified so we can determine how many homes you can purchase, what the monthly payment will be, and how much money you would need. Click the Apply Now button and let's get started!

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"The biggest difference between myself and another loan officer is that I am a Certified Mortgage Planner with a Financial Advisor background. This allows me to prepare and analyze different loan strategies that look at more than just your interest rate and term. Mortgage loans are much more complex. I'll actually run a Total Cost Analysis to review rate, term, insurance, tax benefit, amortization, costs, etc. Then we can determine which loan program will give you the highest net worth in 5-7 years and up to 30 years."

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Please take a moment to watch my 5 guarantees when working with The Mortgage Nerd. We not only want to provide the best service for our customers, but we want you to feel comfortable and confident during your home buying process. If this isn't just enough to convince you to get in touch with us then check out what others have had to say! 

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