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Denise Donoghue

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Denise Donoghue, known as "The Mortgage Nerd," is one of Dallas’ top 1% producing mortgage professionals voted by D-Magazine.   Her unique financial approach has to do in part of her upbringing and her finance background.  As an early teen, Denise began working to help put food on the table and keep the mortgage paid for her family.  This taught her the value of a dollar early.  


Also, as a Texas A&M Business Economics graduate, she began her career in the financial banking industry in 2002 as a licensed financial banker, Series 6 and 63. She was responsible for the development of customized financial plans in-line with clients’ short-term goals, as well as assisted in their long-term retirement planning. Through her financial consulting, she found that generally a person’s home is not only their largest asset but also their most expensive. This intrigued her and inspired her to learn the mortgage lending business – to ultimately help advise her clients how to align the right home loan to match their financial goals.  


“The number one most important thing to me is educating the client on all the home loan options, and explaining the pros and cons of each.  If a client’s goal is to retire without a mortgage, I feel it is my responsibility to customize a plan today – that can help them obtain this.   Helping a client learn how to manage their finances is a rippling affect that they can then teach their own kids how to do.   Now THAT – gives me goose bumps.”

Branch Manager, NMLS: 513250

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