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The Mortgage Nerd nerd academy

Welcome to The Mortgage Nerd Academy

Lesson 1: Learn My Modern Approach to Present Interest Rates to Clients with Less Shopping - $299

Lesson 2: How to Create a Follow Up System / CRM - $299

Lesson 3: How to Attract Realtors vs Chasing Them - $299

Lesson 4: How to Leverage Social Media in Today’s World - $299

Lesson 5: How I Grew My Team and Their Job Roles to Help 600+ Families a Year - $299

Lesson 6: How to Get In Front of More Realtors With Less Time - $299

Lesson 7: How To Keep A Client For Life - $299

Each MasterClass Lesson is Denise presenting on the EXACT methods and tools she is utilizing in today’s business!  She shows you exactly what to do and what to say and the tools you’ll need to do so! If you have questions – please email

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